Learning about Fashion

Now that I am a senior, I should look the part.

For some reason, I decided randomly that I wanted to have brand loyalty to JCPenny. As a kid, I had a JCPenny pretty close to my house. Then it closed down and I had to go to a different one. Why did I keep going, you may ask? My parents and I both felt it was cheap so I got to keep shopping around. I got some of my favorite shirts and pants from this place. This was because of their brand Arizona Jean Co. When I’d go I would be able to get several clothes since their shirts tended to always be on sale. I’m talking about some fun graphic tees for $6 each. I think the most expensive clothing I bought was a $30 jacket which in my opinion, was a pretty good purchase.

That jacket was a green jeans-type jacket. I say jeans-type since the name it was called on the website, Lightweight Track Jacket, doesn’t fit it when I search for images on Google. The ones on Google are more athletic-orientated. Although I could maybe use this for that, it wouldn’t be the best. When I wore this jacket, I got compliments from my classmates. Waiting for the next class, they would come up to me and say, “Ashish, that's a nice jacket. Where did you get it?” I was overflowing with elation seeing people find my taste in fashion good. With my jacket being from Arizona, I slowly became brand loyal in hopes of getting more compliments.

Green Track Jacket

However, this didn’t happen again for me. I would plan out outfits in hopes of getting compliments, but to my dismay, they rarely occurred. Yet, I wasn’t too disappointed though. I found myself enjoying the outfits I put on and generating confidence in myself. The life I lived before was getting clothes during Black Friday sales and wearing them until the next one. Those few clothes became my staple for the year. It would be the same pants and a different shirt for each day of the week, but now I was wearing things in ways I didn’t think to try before. I challenged myself to make variations that I hadn’t done before so I would learn what works with what.

Fashionable Man

In my senior year of high school, I found myself with a desire to wear a sweater polo. I’m not sure what prompted this desire, but I started to search JCPenny to no avail. If I wanted my sweater polo, I would have to break my brand loyalty. Was I willing to do that? Yeah. It turns out my loyalty was pretty easy to let go of once I found that other stores had nicer clothes and weren’t that expensive (if you don’t get a lot). The store I came to was Hollister. I knew of Hollister throughout my high school years, but I held somewhat of a grudge towards it. That store along with American Eagle, Forever 21, and H&M were the bane of my existence if I were to find myself in the mall with my sister. For hours, I would sit outside on the sofa with other people like me, tired, bored, and waiting for their companion to end their shopping.

Hollister Symbol

Now, I could be the one shopping since I know a little about clothes now. As I searched, I was able to find two polos I liked, but also some new staples to my closet. I, who never wore long sleeves, decided to try some out and ended up enjoying them. Even jeans which I rarely wore. For those products, if you find something with good quality, they end up pretty good. Now with school, I tend to look forward to wearing something nice and getting all ready for the day then the actual school stuff. If it helps me get out of my bed and out of the door for school, that's a win. Here's to hoping for an Ashish with improvements to his style as the years go by.