Getting Older

Sometimes you just have to take a seat and reflect on who you are.

Have you ever thought about the type of things you prefer as a kid compared to now? I tend to wonder how exactly I’ve changed compared to 1st grade me. I remember looking into the mirror and getting up and personal to look at my features. I was pretty restless in the urge to grow up, not because I wanted to be an adult, but because I wanted to see the adult version of me. Would I’ve grown a mustache? Would I be short? Would my voice be deeper? Now that I’ve grown and almost reached that age where you stop, I can see the differences. It makes me pretty happy to say there is a difference.

Child infront of a mirror.

My family tends to like watching old videos of me and basking in the nostalgia that stems from them. When I hear myself, I hear a high-pitched mouse who won’t shut up. It's cringe-inducing, but when I get past that and hear what I’m saying, I notice not much has changed. To me, it seems like I just started to get into the things that adults do. Until the middle of my high school, I was still watching Cartoon Network. I knew of some good “adult” TV shows but chose to stay away from them. Have you ever been in a hotel and decided to watch T.V., but then accidentally tune into Family Guy so you turn off the T.V. because you are a kid? You probably didn’t since that's oddly specific. Nevertheless, I chose to stick to the content for kids as I was worried about what adult content was. To find out I knew I had to venture out of my cable and into the streaming box.

Family Guy.

Going to the adult world, I chose to watch Invincible on Amazon Prime due to the memes I saw during COVID-19. It certainly was a shock, especially the language. I tend to stick away from content that has swears due to my parents. Even in my senior year of high school, I’m unable to watch YouTube content where people might swear. With every swear, I was slightly worried that I’d get called out by my parents, so I chose to watch it when they weren’t there. It took a while to finish since there tends to always be someone there, but I finished season 1. I enjoyed it a lot and felt that I had leveled up in my age rank. I was now longer watching shows like Teen Titans Go. I was watching the Amazon Prime adult shows. My ego became slightly more inflated.


Another way I’ve felt that I grew is now my ability to do things I couldn’t do before. When my family would go to Costco or grocery stores we would fill our totes bags with all the small stuff so we would make fewer trips from the car to the house. My mother would give me the lightest bag since I had no strength and was generally just a young dude. Now, I get to carry the heaviest bag. Actually, make it multiple bags. Things that I would have to rely on others can be done by me now. I guess that's part of growing up. You’ll gain the knowledge and abilities to allow you to become independent once you finally reach adulthood. Every day, I get a little further up those 6570 stairs. That number is the number of days you have been alive until 18.

Guy carrying bags

Now once again, we are back at the mirror. I see a mustache thicker than at the start of high school. I’ve almost got a full beard except for some areas which tells me that I still have some steps to climb until the hair comes there. My face is also longer, in fact, I’m also longer. I have to bend or squat to reach areas where I could have normally just got them. All this is a part of growing up and that's what makes it so cool. Although this might be the cap for the physical changes, I’m still excited to see how it changes and possibly, I will also change emotionally too. Perhaps a sequel might be needed.