My Interest in Hygiene

After two years, I gathered some knowledge on hygiene. It may help you in your future endeavors.

Around 2 years ago, I stopped using the soap I had been using since I was a kid. It was a Dove Sensitive Care soap you could get in bulk at Costco. In simple boy fashion, I felt it wasn't man enough for me and I wanted to look good before my high school debut. So when I went to Target a few days later, I convinced my father to allow me to buy soap from Dove Men + Care. I switched from the “female” Dove to the “male” dove. I remember flaunting it around to both my parents to show them the nice manly smell. That would then start this growing interest in hygiene products which resulted in me writing this page.

From then to now, I tried a few other Dove Men Plus Care products such as Charcoal + Coal Body and Face Scrub, Extra Fresh Body Plus Face Wash, and a Face Lotion that they make. Currently, I’m using their Deep Clean Hand & Body Plus Face Plus Exfoliation Bar Soap. Speaking of bar soap, during that time, I used both bar soap and body wash and found that bar soap was much nicer to use. Perhaps due to me using bar soap during elementary school. When I was using the body wash, I would also use a loofah. The texture of the loofah and the way it folds allowed me to get a proper scrub similar to an exfoliator (it removes dead skin cells that are on the outer layer of your skin). However, the idea of having to replace my loofah every 3-4 weeks was also a reason why I switched back to bar soap. It just didn’t seem like a good investment when I wanted to keep trying new products.

Dove Products

Back when I mentioned Costco, I forgot to say that I also got one more thing in bulk. I got shampoo but more specifically whatever Head & Shoulders 2n1 they’re selling. And honestly, it was pretty good and I regret making a switch which I am about to talk about. Since I had fallen into a Dove Plus Men rabbit hole, I thought it would only make sense to use their 2n1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Since using it I haven’t felt happy with how my hair feels. But first, let me explain the idea of a 2n1. Within the bottle, it contains both shampoo and conditioner meaning it has the cleaning properties of the shampoo and the moisturizing properties of the conditioner. When both mix, you get the worst of both worlds. The shampoo is meant to remove dirt and oils and the conditioner is meant to re-add good oils back to your hair. In a 2n1 it is doing both at the same time which means the conditioner is adding oils which the shampoo is removing. In my local Target, the area in which I presumed to have it all only showed me the 2n1 products. It went to the point that I assumed that hygiene products aimed at men only made 2n1s and why wouldn’t they?

The 2n1 Mens Aisle

As a guy, I don’t know much about the hygiene world and generally don’t have much of a skincare routine. It basically consists of taking a shower every day and using soap and 2n1. Not to mention, with the idea of femininity being attached to skincare we are left with a sense of fear surrounding the topic. It took me a while to learn that skincare isn’t only associated with one gender. Now going back to that 2n1 shampoo aisle, why were only those openly displayed? It's because of time. By using a 2n1 you save time as you don’t have to shampoo, rinse, and then add the conditioner. You can just do all of that at the same time. If it's quick and easy then most people would do it. That's where the companies get you and you end up getting a 2n1. There is even a 3n1 which is a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

With my disappointment with the Dove shampoo, I wanted to go back to Head and Shoulders but my bottle was still halfway and I wasn’t going to waste money. On a whim, I decided to search for Head and Shoulders shampoo on The first three options were shampoo before reaching the 2n1. If I search for the Dove Plus Men shampoo the 8th option is shampoo. For Old Spice, it was the 7th option. I decided that the next time I go to Target, I would try to find just shampoo.

Right next to the guy's aisle was the teeth aisle and next to that was the shampoo/conditioner aisle. I’d never been there due to never having a reason. I assumed that all the guy-branded shampoo was already seen by me. There were shampoo and conditioners. Separate ones that weren’t combined. I decided to look at the Head and Shoulders shampoos and choose something I like to research and then buy after my Dove bottle is finished. That then resulted in my writing this page due to this random interest I’ve generated.

The Shampoo aisle

For my Dove bottle I’ve found that to get the best results I’d have to take cold showers which wasn’t that bad due to it being the summer but at the same time, it felt unnecessary since I didn’t need to do it before. Also, if you got a buzz cut or pretty short hair (close to buzz cut level), then 2n1 should be fine for you. The short hair makes the 2n1 work pretty well for its length and adds to the low maintenance of a buzz cut. Some would recommend a shampoo without sulfates; a natural shampoo. According to them, sulfates may end up stripping away too much moisture which results in dry and unhealthy hair. I thought this could be the reason why I didn’t enjoy the Dove shampoo as it did have sulfate in its ingredient list but so did the Head and Shoulders bottle. Since both had them but I still preferred the other then it probably wasn’t that. But to the people with longer hair, perhaps it may be the play for you. Also, apparently, you are supposed to shake shampoo bottles so if anyone faces a similar issue, try shaking.

On the topic of shampoos, you will probably use them in the shower. If you do, you might also use hot water. By using hot water you open your pores and your skin will probably be pretty hydrated. To ensure hydration, it's recommended to use a body lotion so your body won't dry up. And since your pores are also open, the lotion will work better.


With the Dove soap bar I have been using, it also works as an exfoliant bar. Ever since I started wearing masks due to COVID I’ve gotten pretty bad face acne. What started with me wearing masks to avoid the vaccine became me wearing a mask to avoid people seeing my acne. But with the soap bar, my acne has honestly gotten much better. My face is much smoother and I feel like I have gotten some confidence to go maskless. But I still have acne scars so maybe another day.

So that's basically most of what I know. I’ve also learned some stuff on face skincare but I want to save that for another page. If you wanted a TL;DR, I talked about Dove Plus Men topics and 2n1 shampoo and conditioners. I also talked a little about body lotions. For a person who has been using Dove products for most of his life let me just say that the female hygiene products are probably better. You won't have to decide between a scent like sandalwood or basil. You could probably have an actual scent you like. But I would also recommend cologne. For colognes, spray a little on your wrists and chest area after a hot shower. Aim for the warm spots that will remain warm. CK One is pretty good if you want me to recommend one.

When I mentioned making the switch it was probably a really good decision for a completely other reason. The soap I had been using wasn’t really a soap. That's the problem with Dove. They basically moisturize hence the reason they give their bars the name Beauty Bar. But for the reason I switched, I found something pretty fun that makes me write 1400+ words. Hopefully, the next thing I find an interest in will also give me some good knowledge I can use on a day-to-day basis.